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Airease® 13 SEER 4SCU13LE Air Conditioner. Proven technology & exceptional value.

Delivering consistent comfort and peace of mind

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Since 1928, Airease® has been providing homeowners with reliable, well-built heating and cooling products that make life easier and more comfortable. Thoughtfully designed, our AirEase® line of air conditioners offer an impressive array of technology that makes them extremely quiet, dependable and energy efficient. So you can enjoy peace, quiet and comfort every day of every year.

Delivering consistent comfort and peace of mind

Airease® 13 SEER 4SCU13LE Air Conditioner. Proven technology & exceptional value.

Delivering consistent comfort and peace of mind

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We are trained to evaluate your home in Regina, SK and area, and to assist you in selecting an air conditionIng system that fits your family’s comfort needs, lifestyle and budget. 

Airease® 13 SEER 4SCU13LE Air Conditioner. Proven technology & exceptional value.

Airease® 13 SEER 4SCU13LE Air Conditioner. Proven technology & exceptional value.

Airease® 13 SEER 4SCU13LE Air Conditioner. Proven technology & exceptional value.

Air conditioner installation

These air conditioners deliver consistent efficiency and performance through the hottest of summers.

  • MHT™️ Technology: AirEase's proprietary heat transfer system uses a specially designed fan shroud, rifled tubing and lanced coil fins for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Compressor Sound Blanket: a heavy-duty compressor blanket further reduces sound levels.
  • Integrated Compressor Protection: High- and low-pressure switches protect the compressor, helping to ensure lasting performance.
  • Single-Stage Scroll Compressor
  • Sealed Contactor with Lugs: Completely covers the contactor, protecting it from debris and insects.

The Difference Between HVAC Brands


Who Is the best HVAC manufacturer?

I have an Apple iPhone, a GMC truck, and I’m reading this on an HP laptop while drinking my Tim Horton’s coffee! Brands are burned into our psyche as Canadians.

Often we pick the brand first, then go to a dealer or retailer. Here is how the story goes: I see an ad for a Honda Civic, see people driving them around and now I want one. I’ll go to my local Honda Dealer, whichever one will give me the best deal, or one that I have a good relationship with (hopefully both). A Honda Civic is a Honda Civic, right? Yes.

However, HVAC dealers are actually the manufacturers. A York YP9C isn’t a York YP9C, even though it has the same label. Huh? Let me explain.

There are about six HVAC equipment manufacturers in North America today, but they operate under more than 150 brand names.

Here are some brands that come off the same manufacturing lines — just different paint, labels, and marketing:

  • Lennox, Airease and Armstrong
  • Trane and American Standard
  • Carrier, Payne and Bryant
  • York, Luxaire and Coleman
  • Goodman and Amana

You get the idea.

Most of the components that make up these brands’ products are made by even fewer companies: Emerson, Johnson Controls and Honeywell.

These companies are huge billion-dollar conglomerates. They all utilize very rigid quality processes incorporating multimillion dollar machines that produce nearly mistake-proof products. They’re all pretty good at building HVAC units.

So, what’s the difference? Typically, there are small differences on the very top-end products, such as who has the bigger touch-screen thermostat, or is it 97.4 percent or 97.3 percent efficient. But, these are insignificant at the end of the day. 

So, what’s the big, clear-cut difference? The installing contractor.

Pick the best HVAC contractor.

Unlike a Honda Civic, the products HVAC contractors buy must be assembled with a variety of parts and are uncalibrated. It’s our job as heating and cooling contractors to put them together and set them up for that specific installation. The only place the manufacturer sets up HVAC units for is in their testing lab. 

Furnaces and air conditioners don’t just snap together and plug in. It takes about $15,000 in tools and years of training to finish what the manufacturer started. So, we really are the guys at the end of the manufacturing line; it just so happens to be in your backyard or basement.

So, why are Lennox, Carrier and Trane perceived as better? Because large national advertising campaigns are intended to ensure that you have heard of them.

How do you pick the right contractor?

1. Check licensing. Ask for the certification of the tradespeople that will be involved in the on-site installation of your project. Plumbing (Gas), Refrigeration, Electrician, and Sheet Metal Worker are all compulsory trades in Saskatchewan, meaning each worker must be certified to perform work in these trades. Even better, make sure they’re certified as Red Seal Journeypersons in their trade. Somebody behind a desk in an office holding one of these certificates won’t help you at all when it’s time for the installation at your house.

2. Ask around. Who did your neighbors or friends use? Did they meet their expectations? Was their pricing fair?

 3. Read reviews. TrustedPros.ca, Yelp.ca and Google are good sources for local reviews.

How does an Air Conditioner work?

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat.

A chemical called a refrigerant loops from inside the home to outside and back again, absorbing and casting out heat in the process. The refrigerant cools and then re-enters the home, starting the cycle all over again. 

Two refrigerants commonly used in residential air conditioners are R-22 and the newer R-410A, both of which are chemically known as hydrochlorofluorocarbons, or HCFCs. These chemicals transition back and forth from a liquid to a gas very easily, which is what makes them so useful as refrigerants.

An air conditioner has 4 main components:


- an evaporator coil (often called an A-coil)

- a compressor

- a condenser

- an expansion device.

The component inside the home where the refrigerant evaporates is the evaporator coil. It is located near the furnace in the plenum. The fan from your furnace blows air across the evaporator‘s coils. As air from the house flows across the coil, the refrigerant within the coil removes heat from the air. 

The evaporated refrigerant then passes into the compressor, which is located in the air conditioning unit outside of your home, along with the condenser. As the name implies, the compressor compresses the gas to a state of higher pressure and higher temperature.

From there, the hot, pressurized gas flows over the condenser. At this stage the gas is condensed back into its liquid state as heat is released. These outdoor units have metal fins on them to help dissipate the heat rapidly. 

The cooled-off liquid then returns to the home. The expansion device regulates the flow of liquid refrigerant back into the A-coil, where the cycle will repeat. 


Air Conditioners Also Dehumidify the Air

Humidity in the air is a major factor in how our bodies feel heat.

When sweat evaporates off of our skin, it releases body heat. A humid environment prevents this process from happening, making it more uncomfortable. As the air in your home moves across the evaporator coil, the coil not only absorbs heat, it also wrings out moisture. So when air comes out of your registers, it’s not only cooler, but it’s also more dry! This water pools and drains out of the evaporator coil, through a hose and down a drain. 

The first air conditioning units invented were not used for temperature control, but for humidity control- cooling was a byproduct. Hot summers were never the same!

It’s not (just) the heat, it’s the humidity.

It’s not (just) the heat, it’s the humidity. 


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Since 2010, Signature Plumbing & Heating has been thinking about how to keep things cool – including your family. Our air conditioning systems deliver remarkable efficiency, proven reliability and warranties that lead the industry.

An Airease® air conditioner will provide your family in Regina,SK with comfort, energy savings and lasting performance for years to come.

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