HRVs provide us fresh air in Regina where we need it most

Fresh indoor air

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is usually poorer than outdoor air quality.

As houses are becoming increasingly insulated and virtually air-tight, they become less conducive to optimal ventilation. Air circulation is required to evacuate carbon dioxide, dust, allergenic animal dander, residue from cleaning products and other polluting agents in the air.

Our HRV air exchangers installed in Regina, SK and surrounding area work toward achieving and maintaining an excellent level of ambient air quality, all year round. Some of the advantages that come with proper airflow are reduced allergy symptoms, easier breathing, dehumidification, and more.

Our expertise in air exchanger installations is well-established. An air exchanger installation will significantly improve the quality of air of your home or business, resulting in optimal ventilation. Since 2010, Signature Plumbing & Heating of Regina, SK has been relentlessly working towards improving the indoor air quality of homes. Our ENERGY STAR certified air exchanger installations are eco-friendly and sustainable.


How An HRV Air Exchanger Works

How an hrv air exchanger works


Ventilation is the process of supplying fresh air and removing stale air. An HRV (heat recovery ventilator) air exchanger will remove stale, humid and polluted air from your house and replace it with an equal amount of fresh, filtered and oxygenated outdoor air. Air exchangers are becoming more popular in older homes around Regina, SK too.

Air exchanger installation

Simplified Installation

This HRV air exchanger install method is ideal for homes of all ages because the air exchanger simply integrates with your existing furnace and duct system. This is a convenient option for residents of Regina, SK who are seeking the benefits of ventilation by use of air exchangers.

Vanee 60h hrv air exchanger

vänEE® 60H HRV Air Exchanger

The vänEE® 60H is a heat recovery ventilator that is compact, lightweight and powerful. It is an ideal choice in Regina, SK for single family homes, condos and other limited space applications where the benefits of air exchangers are desired.

  • Cost effective, reliable, and durable
  • HVI certified and ENERGYSTAR qualified
  • 39 to 98  cubic feet per minute (CFM) of continuous ventilation 
  • This unit is very simple to operate. Its push button is located on on the bottom of the unit. Press it once for low speed, once again for high speed, and once more to stop it.
  • For more convenience, this unit can also be controlled by an optional main control. 
  • The vänEE® HRV 60H is protected by a 2-year warranty on parts only. The heat recovery core is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, with the original proof of purchase.


Optimal Air Quality

Trust Signature Plumbing & Heating To Install Your Ventilation System

Long Lasting And Easy To Use

vänEE Logo

vänEE is a leader in air exchangers in North America. Their sophisticated systems boast flawless design and can be used in homes, condo towers, and stores, whichever the size of the area. Using leading-edge technology developed by engineers who focus on improving indoor air quality, vänEE® air exchangers allow air to flow effectively, without causing heat loss and excessive power consumption.

Long Lasting And Easy To Use

Trust Signature Plumbing & Heating To Install Your Ventilation System

Long Lasting And Easy To Use

vänEE 100H

vänEE products come with advanced and carefully developed technology resulting in constantly renewed clean air.
Ventilation systems work on two levels: the principle of ventilation in which exhausting waste air renews the air and blows in the clean air and the principle of filtration in which ambient air is filtered to remove polluting agents and allergens.

Trust Signature Plumbing & Heating To Install Your Ventilation System

Trust Signature Plumbing & Heating To Install Your Ventilation System

Trust Signature Plumbing & Heating To Install Your Ventilation System

vänEE 200H

vänEE air exchangers are the result of extensive research. Once installed by Signature Plumbing & Heating of Regina, Saskatchewan, they provide clean, fresh air.

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